“Dynamic Duo”

Meet Ed and Maria, AAM's community manager team in Tucson, AZ

Ed Baruch and Maria Di Maria have thrived together as a team since 2008, providing the highest level of community management and administrative support to an exclusive custom home community in Tucson. From the time AAM began managing the community, this “dynamic duo” worked harmoniously to help guide the Board through the HOA’s first years of transition from developer to homeowner control. Ed helped develop the procedures put in place by the new Board and various committees as they became familiar with running the HOA. This included developing submittal fees and construction deposit amounts for architectural reviews, as well as how to work with the Finance Committee to fine-tune the budget. 

At the Board’s direction, Ed and Maria also created community surveys to identify issues of concern and help set priorities for the Board. Based on feedback from homeowners, they assisted the Board in establishing a Community Connections Committee whose purpose is to bring this custom-lot community together through a variety of activity groups. Out of this effort, six different activity groups have formed—including walking, dining out, book club, and a lecture series—which are continually maintained by their efforts. Everything from producing signs, renting equipment and handling reservations is capably handled by Ed and Maria in addition to their normal duties. 

 Because the architectural review process for each custom estate is such an important part of the HOA’s function, Ed and Maria have built strong relationships with the HOA’s consulting architect and the many custom home builders who work in the community. Each meeting of the HOA’s Design Review Committee takes hours of careful preparation ahead of time, followed by equal attention to the detailed documentation and correspondence required after each meeting, none of which phases Team Ed and Maria!

 Obviously, a lot of work takes place behind the scenes to make this multi-faceted community function smoothly. And the Dynamic Duo of Ed and Maria understand that the end result of their efforts is to make the Board of Directors look good. The Board members frequently receive praise from their neighbors for how well-run their community is and how happy they are that every aspect of their community is carefully maintained.  There is nothing more gratifying to an HOA manager than when the Board members pass along their gratitude that their neighbors are happy. As Ed’s administrative assistant and trusted sidekick, Maria understands that every successful manager needs a highly capable support staff behind him or her—and Maria is the epitome of a capable and valued assistant. Just ask Ed…or the Board members for that matter. The Board and homeowners are quite comfortable turning to Maria for assistance if Ed is unavailable. She makes Ed look good and Ed makes his Board look good, and everyone is happy. Goooo Team!

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