A High Rise Condo Renovation

Meet Rachael Bosco, The Regency House

"Superman leaps tall buildings…I keep them together.

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in Phoenix, AZ— Rachael quickly turned a tense multi-million dollar renovation project into a success. Imagine over 150 personalities living in one 22-story high rise, all working together through a one-year renovation process, and you have nothing short of a miracle.

Turning negative energy to positive

Rachael Bosco is helping to create a better America, one neighborhood at a time, by instilling a sense of community in each of her residents at The Regency House, a 22-story high rise in midtown Phoenix.

The Regency House is in the middle of a multi-year, multi-million dollar renovation project – an undertaking fit for a superhero. The first phase of the renovation, itself a $2.8 million project, was completed in the spring of 2012. It involved a complete structural and mechanical overhaul of the 47-year-old building. The next phases of the renovation will include structural repair along with aesthetic improvements.

After the first phase of the renovation was completed in the spring of 2012, the Community held a champagne celebration on the lawn. The residents were ecstatic about the improvements.

But that was not always the case.

When Rachael first started, few residents supported the renovation, and the tension in the building was palpable. When the renovation project was first proposed, before Rachael arrived, residents weren’t asked for their opinions and news and updates about the project were not communicated proactively. When she arrived, Rachael faced more than 150 residents angered by how the past board had decided to levy large monthly assessments for a project the residents hadn’t yet bought into.

True to her superhero nature, Rachael jumped in and began to work with the new HOA board to overcome the negative tension. Because Rachael and the board were communicating very openly and honestly in board meetings, social room chats, and through the newsletter, homeowners began to feel more comfortable about the renovation. With residents’ input, the new HOA board split the renovation into two phases, and with Rachael’s help, really communicated the value of the monthly special assessments.

By the time the project began, Community residents were on board, and prepared. “During the renovation, Community residents really stepped up and worked together to help each other out. When it was time to close half of the parking garage for renovation, younger residents and Board members volunteered to give up their spaces so that older residents could keep a spot in the garage.”

Like most good superheroes, Rachael doesn’t consider what she does to be going above and beyond. “This is my career. I’m just doing what needs to be done. Knowing that my residents are happy makes me happy.”

Today, Rachael spends a significant amount of time every day talking with real estate agents and prospective new residents. While the in-progress renovations and monthly special assessments are certainly a source of questions among prospective buyers, The Regency House – with Rachael’s help – has become a place where people really love to live, and a place where people want to move.

That’s only partly because the building is newly renovated. More than that, residents there want to be part of a strong, connected, vibrant community. Thanks to Rachael for her hard work in helping to turn the Community into a place where people are happy to call home.

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