"Educate. Listen. Resolve. It works for me."

Meet Jaynee Ashum a manager in the West Valley offices of AAM

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in the West Valley, AZ— For many individuals, when the tough get going, they get going…in the other direction. Not Jaynee Ashum! Jaynee specializes in finding solutions and turning frowns upside down. Her positive attitude combined with her level of expertise, and most importantly her smile, make her uniquely qualified for her current position at AAM.

As a very busy manager of several large and distinctive communities, Jaynee’s day is not like those of most managers. She is constantly playing the middle person between the homeowners and the builders, and she’s doing a fantastic job. Jaynee is there to be a voice of reason for the homeowners, making sure they are able to bring their concerns to the board, and opening a crucial line of communication between the homeowners and the builders. 

Jaynee takes great pride in her job of liaison. She often takes the time to meet with homeowners to help resolve their issues. As home builders eventually build out the community, their role on the homeowners’ association board changes, and Jaynee is there to make the transition as seamless as possible. There are three simple words that Jaynee likes to embrace when at work and they are “educate, listen, and resolve.” Having this type of attitude has made Jaynee a great success in her field and life in general. For Jaynee, her job is never boring. Aside from juggling eight diverse communities, she feels the challenges that go along with such diversity are what make the job fun and interesting on a daily basis.

Once again, where most would run away, Jaynee is there to stay! And we appreciate it. Thank you Jaynee Ashmun!

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