Helping West Valley Communities

Meet Jeanine Baber, AAM's West Valley Office

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in Peoria—Jeanine Baber, at AAM's West Valley Office is one of many Community Managers at AAM who is willing to go the extra mile. Her recent efforts working with the City’s Neighborhood Improvement Committee has secured more than $27,000 for her communities so far in 2011/2012.

Helping West Valley Communities

Thankfully, there are unsung heroes who care and make a difference. Today, we would like to sing a little about one of AAM’s own.

It’s Jeanine Baber, modern-day super hero for AAM’s West Valley Office. Jeanine quietly and diligently works her way into the hearts of those communities she serves.

Take, for example, one West Valley community in Peoria, AZ. At one point, about half of its homeowners could no longer afford to pay their HOA dues and there were significant wall issues. Where many Managers would stop when funds ran dry, JB used her laser-focused determination to see what more could be done.

“I worked with vendors to accomplish the most critical repairs with the funds we had, but I felt like I had to at least try to do more. I turned to fellow AAM co-workers and the Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM), where I learned about the Neighborhood Improvement Grant from the City of Peoria.”

JB called the city and learned that the HOA could apply for a matching grant to make the necessary repairs to the crumbling walls. She talked to the HOA board members and they were obviously thrilled to have discovered a way to potentially get the repairs completed. JB’s superhero status was beginning to emerge. She then wrote THREE grant applications, and the City of Peoria gave her community a total of $20,995! BAM! Her community was now able to repair the block walls AND have money left over to purchase and install a shade cover for the tot lot. Talk about overcoming obstacles and facing adversity in the eye! Talk about a modern-day neighborhood hero.

“The grant application process wasn’t easy – we had to gather photos, engineering reports, comparison bids, and document community support for the project. I went with the HOA board president to interview with the Neighborhood Improvement Grant committee. But of course, the hard work was well worth it because the community got the help they needed to keep their neighborhood a place they were proud to call home.”

JB’s work wasn’t yet finished. After that initial success, the HOA boards at her other communities also wanted to apply for grants. They did, and so far have been awarded $4,500 for solar lighting for the community park in one community, and, in another community, $1,175 for solar bollard lighting for a small community park.

While it was a lot of work to lead the charge on these grant applications, JB knows it was worth it. Why does she do it, you ask? “Because I’m helping the communities pull out of this crazy economy. With improvements to our communities, we’re reflecting pride of ownership. And the fact that even in the worst recession in memory we can pull together to make things happen—that’s what it’s all about.” In short, she simply cares and works hard.

So maybe she didn’t fight off an army of flying super-destroyer robots, or capture evil aliens from another galaxy. But JB’s efforts helped real people in real neighborhoods. Perhaps one of them was yours. Her super powers come from the heart, the most powerful weapon of all. Let’s all strive to take our jobs seriously and care about those we serve like JB. Sometimes that means flying the extra mile, taking on City Councils and overcoming the economy—all in a day’s work for Jeanine Baber.

Thank you JB!

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We love our AAM Community Manager

"Jeanine Baber from AAM has been managing our property all three years I have been on the HOA board, and I have been continually impressed by how well she does her job. She responds promptly to requests and needs, is always pleasant to homeowners and board members, and takes her work seriously. You can count on Jeanine to be professional at all times and to do her work with excellence. She was very encouraging to me as a new board member not used to the role. She took the time to train me and the other board members, and is always encouraging us to further our knowledge as board members through workshops, conferences, etc. AAM is very fortunate to have her on staff, and I am so very glad she is our community manager." - Christine M, Board President, Casa Del Rey Cottages