“People matter. It’s really that simple.’

Meet Nancy Wojitas, AAMs Community Manager on site at Seville

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in Gilbert, AZ—Some people do amazing things and go unnoticed their entire lives. Nancy Wojitas is no longer one of those people. Since she started with AAM in 2004, she has strived for the extraordinary, always putting her homeowners first. She simple loves her job, and more importantly, the people around her. In her own words, Nancy explains, “I love my job. I love AAM. I love Seville, and I love the homeowners and the board.” This winning attitude has was rewarded in 2012, when the City of Gilbert awarded Seville the Neighborhood Community Award. This award was given to Seville for its excellent activities, amenities, and the great care given to the community as a whole.

Nancy’s care and pride in Seville is evident from the hard work and dedication that she provides on a daily basis. When Shea Homes transitioned out of the homeowner’s board in 2009, Nancy was there to help create an effective and productive board. As Nancy recollects, “The homeowners are our first priority; all of their concerns.” Her motto is: At AAM, we are in the “people business.” And with that, customer service is our first priority as we strive to maintain that level of service each and evert day. 

It’s no wonder Seville is such a marvelous community with city-wide recognition. With Nancy at the helm, Seville will continue to flourish and maintain its reputation for excellence. And don’t worry, all this recognition will not go to her head. As she says, “I am grateful to be a part of AAM and the Seville community and I look forward to serving them for many years to come.” And so are we… Thank you Nancy!

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