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Meet Anthony Baca, Dir Admin/On Boarding at AAM Headquarters

One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of my job is knowing that I am able to assist in any way that I can.

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in Tempe, AZ – The homeowners served by AAM may not know Anthony’s name, but they have benefitted from his dedication to his work.  

As an executive assistant for AAM, Anthony Baca supports chief operating officer Ercell Sherman, and also provides superior support for the regional offices. Although his position doesn’t involve much direct interaction with AAM homeowners, his efforts have contributed to their communities in a big way.

One of his main roles is serving as contract administrator, which entails working closely with the business development team on drafting management contracts for all new potential clients and contract renewals for existing clients. He also oversees document placement and management for all AAM communities—a crucial daily task, as a steady stream of documents continuously arrives on his desk from many different departments, and it’s important that these papers be filed quickly and efficiently.

These are the kind of things that often go unnoticed by communities and homeowners, which is just the way Anthony likes it, as his goal is to make their lives as stress-free as possible. He has a knack for streamlining the process and creating improvements that help ensure everything runs smoothly.

“One of my greatest accomplishments at AAM was revamping the management contract renewal process with the COO. This is a highlight to me. We were able to streamline a process that, on average, would take five months and cut it down to two. One of the most rewarding parts of this accomplishment, besides tightening up the process, was the knowledge that we were able to deliver an even higher standard of customer service to our clients.”

Anthony is truly a shining example of a team player. “I am always ready and willing to put myself out there for my fellow associate. Assisting my fellow associate builds camaraderie within the company while simultaneously sustaining an organizational culture.”

The primary goal for Anthony is to help out whoever may need assistance in any way possible. “In my position, I am able to assist, on all levels: the executive team, community managers, and even the accounting department daily. As the Executive Assistant, I have the ability to be a support system for the company on matters of all sizes. Being able to have a company-wide state of mind is truly rewarding within its own right.”

And while he may have a sort of behind-the-scenes role, Anthony is motivated by his goal to make a positive impact on the homeowner’s experience. “My five years with the company has instilled a deep understanding that the homeowners are at the core of our business and they keep it moving forward. My experience with AAM has taught me that homeowners are our priority, focus, client, and customer. AAM truly does have a strong partnership with homeowners and works very hard with them to create stronger communities for them and their families.”  

Anthony says he really appreciates the great company culture at AAM. “It truly has been rewarding to experience an overwhelming sense of community within a company. It’s a company that really focuses on partnership and communication. By being a part of a company of this nature, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best people in this business. These individuals have shaped and molded my work ethic.”

And that’s a work ethic that makes Anthony a behind-the-scenes hero for AAM homeowners.

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