Giving Back to the Homeowners

Meet Caroline Clinton, AAM’s Property Manager at McDowell Mountain Ranch

Delivering Total Peace of Mind in Scottsdale, AZ—Caroline Clinton has been the property manager extraordinaire at McDowell Mountain Ranch for seven years. To say she loves her job would be a significant understatement. Caroline’s passion for her job is what makes McDowell Mountain Ranch an exceptional community. So needless to say, when graffiti “artists” vandalized her community, she wasted no time…literally!

All it took was one call from homeowner, Paul Lison, who noticed that graffiti had been sprayed overnight all over the trails, trees, street signs, and the back walls of many homes. The disgraceful graffiti was all over the community map—even covering an area where children walked to school. Immediately, Caroline made a call to Ghaster Painting, who happened to be on site working on a different project. With the help of Trent Shoemaker, from McDowell Mountain Ranch maintenance, all of the graffiti was literally covered and gone from sight in less than one hour.

And that’s not even the best part. This was all done at no cost, as a favor! This type of outstanding, working relationship between homeowners, property managers and vendors is exactly what America needs—passionate people working together towards the common good for their communities. Caroline put it best when she said, “You are only as good as the people that work with you.”

McDowell Mountain Ranch is a beautiful community with nearly 4000 homeowners. And yet Caroline believes in “working (her) way through the community, one homeowner at a time,” because it’s a good feeling to make a difference “one person at a time.” Eliminating the graffiti in less than one hour was just one example of how Caroline feels “a sense of accomplishment” on a daily basis. This makes her job one which she looks forward to each and every day. From her “amazing team” to her belief that her work is “not about the bottom dollar, but rather giving back to the homeowners for whom (she) works,” Caroline is truly an exceptional person and property manager. 

Thanks to Paul Lison’s letter to AAM praising Caroline’s brilliant work as the property manager at McDowell Mountain Ranch, we are all able to hear about her wonderful work and remarkable attitude.

Thank you Caroline Clinton!

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