We are dedicated to delivering total peace of mind to our homeowners and Boards. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients:

"AAM is so much better than our previous property management company. We rarely need to talk to anyone other than Sandy because she knows most things, but when we do, they always have someone ready to offer a clear answer to questions. I don't feel like we're getting the run around like we did with their predecessor. I feel as though AAM is actually partnering with us by doing everything they can to make it easier for us to maintain and manage the property fairly and responsibly." - Carol H., Lakewood Community

"I have been a resident of Legend Trail since 2000. We have been through other Association management but it did not compare to AAM. The current people working here are outstanding. They are responsive and problem solvers. My term on the board was made a joy because of the support from Pat and Lance. 
Legend Trail is an outstanding neighborhood in which to live. The management of the Association by AAM is a big part of the reason." - William E., Legend Trail

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Serving you, our homeowners, is the most important thing we do. We are passionately committed to helping deliver total peace of mind to your neighborhood.