Home Resale Value

The view. Houses with a pleasant view of the horizon are held at a premium and play a large role in the resale value of a home.

Lot and landscaping. How a property is maintained is absolutely essential in the buyer’s mind and is important in the resale value. Some important tips are to never buy a home with a backyard entirely taken up by a swimming pool. There needs to be a decent amount of room in both the front and the backyard. Another tip is to never purchase an over-landscaped property. Often, you will pay unnecessary premiums that you may not be able to recover during resale.

House size. The most obvious factor in the value of a home, houses will vary in size. When looking for resale value, you should not buy the largest model in the neighborhood. Many buyers look to previous sales of homes in the area, and smaller homes will have a lower resale value than larger ones do. This will drag down your price.

Fireplaces. Sparingly used, fireplaces generally do not add any real value and should not be paid for unless you actually plan on using it. Although a nice “decoration”, chances are that this amenity will be overlooked or ignored by a potential buyer.

Swimming Pools. Swimming pools are not generally held at a premium due to the risks associated with them. Never buy a home with a pool as an investment and never build a pool to increase your resale value. You will never be able to recover the dollar amount spent on building a pool from the ground up.

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