Heater Maintenance

As residents of the Valley of the Sun know, it still gets cold enough in the winter to heat your home. You don’t need to see snowdrifts outside to feel the chill of the dessert at near freezing temperatures. Plus, after months of triple digit heat, it doesn’t take much to feel uncomfortable.
People generally believe that Phoenix heating systems don’t get the wear and tear from constant use in Arizona.  But the fact is, most heating systems in Arizona are heat pumps. What this means is that after running all summer as an air conditioner, when it runs in heat mode, it is an air conditioner running backwards. The same components that ran all summer long are now running again, backwards.

The condenser fan motor, blower motor and the compressor are running year round. They are still running just as they did in the summertime, only moving the refrigerant in the opposite direction. They actually “condition the outdoor air”. In summer, they absorb heat from inside your home and move it to the outdoor air. In winter, they absorb heat from the outdoor air and move it into your home.
If you have a gas furnace, its true, the compressor and outdoor fan motor do not run in the winter, but, the indoor blower that ran all summer is running all winter. Gas furnaces also produce carbon monoxide. Improperly vented flue pipes can cause serious health problems. The fact that the furnace isn’t used all summer can increase the chance of birds or other critters nesting in your flue pipe. This can prevent proper venting causing unsafe conditions for you and your family.

Contact a local heating and cooling professional to perform regular maintenance and cleaning checks to keep your unit in top condition, no matter what the season.

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