Energy Savings

It doesn’t get as cold in the desert Southwest as it does in other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean you need to be any less vigilant about saving energy during this cooler time of year.

  • Turn off the lights. The days are getting shorter, which means lights tend to stay on longer. Take advantage of natural sunlight during the day by opening curtains instead of flipping on lights. At night, patrol the house and shut off lights in unoccupied rooms.

  • Insulate.  Attics, water pipes and water heaters all can benefit from extra insulation. Check out your local home-improvement warehouse store for inexpensive insulation that can be wrapped around the pipes and heater. For the attic, consider blown-in insulation, which is an affordable way to prevent heat from escaping your home.

  • Seal your windows. Making sure the caulking and other sealants around your windows are tight and doing their job can help avoid unnecessary heat loss in those areas.

  • Upgrade windows and doors. Pricey, yes, but swapping out your old windows for energy-efficient ones is the best ways to ensure energy efficiency. Government rebates can help offset some of the costs, plus you’ll save on your energy bills.

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