Homeowner Resources – Post-Holiday Home Organization

  1. Make it a family affair. We often pull the family together to put up the holiday decorations. We can make the re-packing just as memorable with some hot chocolate and post-holiday music.
  2. Organize the holiday decorations. Many local department stores have after holiday sales on plastic organizers. There are so many great sizes to choose from these days. Under bed organizers can be particularly helpful.
  3. Donate items you didn’t use. You know the ornaments or decorations you re-pack every year without using. Give them a good home with someone who wants them.
  4. Clean out the pantry. We buy many holiday foods just for the occasion. Beware of keeping the half used box of fried onions or extra cans of cranberry sauce if you don’t use them regularly.
  5. Reflect on your furniture placement. Knowing how your guests used and even moved the furniture, take a moment to reflect on whether that chair would be better used by the wall or the table.
  6. Don’t forget the pictures. Take a few moments to organize all of those digital photos from the festivities and send them to your family. It may be the most important and memorable part of your post- holiday organizing.

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