Community Events: Breaking the Ice with New Neighbors

The HOA events can range from business meetings to social activities.  Here are a few examples association management companies and boards can use to bring new HOA members into the fold:

  • Community Meetings – Inviting new neighbors to community meetings is the best way to bring them up to speed on what’s going on in the neighborhood.  It’s also a good venue for introducing new homeowners to their neighbors.  They can also learn how to participate in a wide range of community activities.
  • Social Activities – These events can be as simple a coffee clutch or more involved like a block party.  Inviting new neighbors to casual activities may be an easier way for them to meet other HOA members.
  • Volunteering – Most HOAs always need volunteers.  New neighbors who want to get to know other members may want to participate in association projects.  Some examples include working on common areas that aren’t maintained by a service provider, working on the HOA newsletter, participating in the Neighborhood Watch, and other programs.  Boards should find a way to reach 

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