Neighborhood Resources: The Five Most Significant Challenges Facing American Neighborhoods

In an effort to create meaningful neighborhood resources, AAM conducted a research project to identify the five key challenges within our communities.  We used a combination of secondary research to explore national trends.  In addition, we surveyed a total of 600 homeowners for the study.  By far the largest number of homeowners (80%) surveyed lived in Arizona. 

Based on the combined information of research and survey responses, we learned the five challenges most affecting neighborhoods include the following:

  1. Although more the 70% of HOA homeowners surveyed believe the American Dream still includes buying a home, nationally the traditional “1950s” stereotype may no longer fit.

  2. We found almost two-thirds of HOA members we surveyed live with a spouse.  However, living situations throughout the U.S. population are more diverse than any previous time in history.

  3. Arizona HOA homeowners, as well as Americans as a whole, are concerned about their stability -- specifically the economy, their families and their finances.

  4. Today, many people have become distracted and disconnected because of life stressors and technology impacts.  HOAs tend to alleviate some of the disconnections with more neighbor activities and events.

  5. Research and survey results confirm neighborhoods are not working as well as they should in America.  But, AAM is committed to making them work!  According to the study, two-thirds of Arizona homeowners know at least some of their neighbors by name.

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