Employee Spotlight: Susan Platner

Susan P

For over 20 years, Susan Platner has been involved in Community Association Management, working closely with Boards of Directors, homeowners, industry leaders and association vendors.

Prior to being named Vice President of Portfolio Management and Training, Susan held a variety of positions in her 16 year tenure at AAM, including Community Manager, Area Manager and Trainer. In her most recent position, her areas of focus have been leadership and talent development and working closely with the regional teams to ensure training for both our new employees and AAM clients.

In addition to facilitating AAM Fundamentals (New Employee Training & Orientation) and our annual Spring Vendor Tradeshow which raises money for a variety of charities and provides our managers an opportunity to learn about new products and services, Susan has extensive experience with providing educational training to AAM’s valued clients.

According to Susan, “training is often thought to only be for new hires or new Board members, but I think that is a big mistake. Ongoing training for tenured Board members and employees is equally important.”

From newly elected Board members or recently transitioned Declarant-controlled to a Homeowner-controlled Board to coordinating special topic seminars on Fair Housing and Legislative Updates, Susan’s commitment to our communities and talent is unparalleled. Her passion and enthusiasm is evidenced by the hundreds of successfully transitioned associations to AAM, employees she has provided mentorship to and the Boards she has developed the training for. Susan exuberantly proclaims AAM has become much more than a place of employment, it has become a family. With a smile on her face, she welcomes new communities and employees alike as they join our AAM family.

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