Employee Spotlight: Shawn Dooms

Shawn Edit

Shawn Dooms received her degree in Justice Studies from ASU and was motivated to put her knowledge to work. Joining AAM in 2011 as the Small Claims Assistant, Shawn has been an integral part of the department’s success. In 2013, she was promoted to Community Services Supervisor.

As the Supervisor of Community Services, Shawn’s main priority is managing the Small Claims process within AAM. This department assists communities with collecting debt from delinquent homeowners after all traditional attempts, such as late notices, demand statements and liens, have failed. Shawn’s first task as supervisor was to spend months sorting through files, satisfying judgements and filing dismissals, and while doing so, came up with an internal report to keep the processes more streamlined.

When we asked Shawn what she felt the most important aspect of her department operation is, she answered, “Organization, because everything is on a schedule. We work with court documents and deadlines, so it is critical that we know exactly when things need to be filed and when homeowners have to be served. We calendar to check for payments, follow up on settlement offers, close accounts, call homeowners, run reports and process new accounts. In addition, we need to have all of the necessary documents in the case folders readily available in the event that the court schedules a hearing or a homeowner is disputing a piece of information. If one step in the process is forgotten, it can slowly start to snowball into things falling through the cracks, and we never want that to happen.”

Shawn has proven to be a significant resource, not only to homeowners but AAM as well. Her tenacity and focus on our homeowners’ financial well-being is what sets her apart from any other collections expert. She truly cares about people.

“I speak to homeowners every day, and I empathize with them. They don’t want to be in financial crisis, they just want someone to listen to them and offer help where they can, and that is what I do best,” said Shawn.

Shawn is an excellent example of how AAM embraces client satisfaction by ensuring all employees are dedicated to delivering total peace of mind to every client in our care.

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