What to Look for in a Phoenix HOA Management Company

 Before evaluating any other qualifications, you want a company that has a reputation for integrity – one that has earned respect within the industry and praise from its clients.

Then, a Phoenix HOA management company must love what it does and care genuinely about building strong neighborhoods.  Without this passion, service delivery will suffer.  Poor performance affects your community, your family and your life!

What Determines the Best Phoenix HOA Management Company?

You should be looking for a wide variety of attributes in a Phoenix HOA management company.  However most of these qualifications can be grouped in five major categories:

  1. Commitment – A Phoenix HOA management company must exhibit a corporate culture of true dedication to its communities.  This commitment should be evidenced by the company’s history of maintaining long-term client relationships and its ongoing, high level of service delivery.  You should also look for a proactive approach to managing projects and problem solving, as well as a posture of taking personal responsibility for HOA issues.
  1. Performance – A Phoenix HOA management company should have a long history of verifiable performance involving its clients, employees, services and company as a whole.  Long-term client relationships and exceptional references say a lot about a company. 

You should also consider the makeup of the Phoenix HOA management company’s existing client base.  Analyzing the volume, type and size of HOAs it serves will give insight into the company’s experience. 

  1. People – You want to look for a Phoenix HOA management company that attracts the best talent in the industry.  Your management company’s services will only be as good as the experience and expertise of the professionals delivering them. 

Therefore, the team must be highly trained, motivated and have the necessary professional credentials to excel in their careers.  The company’s team should consist of professionals from a variety of disciplines, including accounting, finance, human resources, property management and more.

  1. Education – A Phoenix HOA management company must prioritize education and training for both its internal staff and the HOA’s board members. One main objective of training involves keeping personnel current on all issues, including legislative updates and HOA best practices.  By investing regularly in educating those people involved in managing the HOA, the management company enhances the services it provides and creates a stronger community.   
  1. Processes – Expert project management requires proven processes.  An experienced management company will have fine-tuned its processes through years of practical experience.  Having these tools allows the management company to smoothly transition the HOA to its services so value can be derived as soon as possible.

Given what’s at stake, your community needs to make sure you have the right Phoenix HOA management company.  The company has to care as much as you do about making your neighborhood as strong as it can be.

AAM works with many of the largest homebuilding and community development companies in the United States such as Del Webb/Pulte, Shea Homes and Meritage Homes. Founded in 1990, the company employs 370 people and manages over 400 homeowners associations in the United States.  AAM is dedicated to delivering total peace of mind to the Boards of Directors and homeowners in the communities it manages.