What to Look for in a Phoenix HOA Management Company

When selecting a Phoenix HOA management company, you should consider five important attributes:

  1. Commitment – The management company must be dedicated to its communities.  You can measure this commitment by each candidate’s client history.  For example, have they maintained long-term client relationships evidenced by testimonials and references?
  2. Performance – You should be able evaluate a HOA management company’s clients, employees, services and business as a whole.  Analyzing the volume, type and size of communities it serves will also provide insight into the company’s experience. 
  3. People – A management company must attract the best talent in the industry to deliver the highest level of services to your HOA.  The team must be highly trained, motivated, professionally credentialed and consist of professionals from a variety of disciplines.
  4. Education – A Phoenix HOA management company must be committed to training for both its internal staff and the HOA’s board members. Investing in education helps enhance service delivery.      
  5. Processes – All project management requires proven processes.  The more experienced a HOA management company, the more fine-tuned its processes are likely to be. 

To build a strong community, you must ensure you select the right Phoenix HOA management company.  The best company will excel in all five of the categories listed above.

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