Homeowner Resources - Get Involved

 The most important step in building neighbor relationships is to get involved in your HOA.  In addition to all the other benefits of community participation, you can get to know your neighbors and possibly form long-standing friendships.

Here are five ways you can get involved with your neighbors:

  1. Attend meetings – You won’t only learn about HOA business, but you’ll get to know your neighbors.  Being visible and interacting with the board of directors, HOA members, and management company gives you a chance to have a voice in your community and potentially make friends.
  2. Volunteer – HOAs present so many opportunities to help that you should have no problem matching one to your interests, skills and schedule.
  3. Organize events and activities – You can initiate something on your own.  A pot luck dinner or coffee meet-up would be a good place to start.  With some experience, you can work up to organizing block parties or group outings.  Organizing events is a great way to connect with people.
  4. Be charitable – Helping others is something most everyone will want to do.  If you think of ways for neighbors to help a worthy cause, like a charity walk, you’ll likely get good participation.
  5. Don’t forget the little things – You can make a difference in your neighbors’ lives in ways you may not recognize.  Just a few minutes out of your day to help out when needed can help build strong relationships. You can offer to pet sit your neighbor’s dog when they go out-of-town, get groceries when they’re sick, or pick up their kids when they have a schedule conflict.

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