Tenant Registration

The issue of rental units within an association can strike a chord among homeowners—both for and against. As a member of an association you may have questions regarding the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Associations generally adopt standard policies that not only ensure the visual appearance and safety of their neighborhoods, but also includes how tenant relations are handled. These guidelines outline how the Board will notify tenants and landlords of rule violations and who will be held accountable for such violations. Typically, the landlord would be the first point of contact and the person held responsible for any violation.

While the associations may not have legal authority over tenants when it comes to enforcing association rules, it benefits both the landlord and the association to have open communication with tenants. To accommodate such relationships, AAM has implemented an online tenant registration process for all of our communities.

The tenant registration page (www.HomeownerResources.com/Tenants) is a convenient way for landlords to communicate to the association, who is living in the home and how they can be contacted. Owners may complete the online form for each rental property in an AAM managed community. Registration is only required once per tenancy and a one-time registration fee of $25 per transaction is required. The form consists of a few selected items as outlined in the State Statues 33-1806.01 & 33-1260.01

• Name and contact info. for any adults occupying the property
• Time period for the lease (beginning and end dates)
• Vehicle description (make & model) & license plate number

It should be noted that tenant rights are protected under the Fair Housing Act as well as state landlord-tenant laws. Rules or policies that violate any rights protected by state or federal law are not legal and cannot be enforced. That said, tenants do have a responsibility to abide by the lease agreement, which should include compliance with all 
association governing documents, as well as local and federal laws.For more information about tenant registration or questions about the online enrollment, e-mail tenants@aamaz.com or call Vicki Sears at 602.288.2622.