How to Communicate with your Community Association Management Company

Good communication with your community management company starts by following a few simple guidelines:

  • First, read and understand your HOA governing documents.  These include your CCRs, bylaws and any other related paperwork.  When you are well versed in this information, you’ll be able to communicate knowledgeably with the community association management company regarding issues or questions.
  • Second, expect that the management company has the community’s best interests at heart.  If the HOA hired the right community management company, the HOA will receive the best service possible.  So, when you communicate with the management company, keep this in mind.  The management company should always stay focused on the creating greater good and building the strongest neighborhood possible.
  • If you’re unclear about an issue with the community management company, talk with other members and get their feedback.  Hearing different perspectives can help clarify policies, positions, decisions, etc.  The great thing about the HOA is the sense of community – you’re not alone! 
  • Finally, get involved and stay involved in your community.  You’ll get to know your community management company, as well as all the ins and outs of the HOA.  Creating personal relationships with people is one of the best ways to improve communication.  Not only will you be building a wealth of knowledge about your community, but you just might be making new friends!

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