Expect More with AAM

Professional Community Association Management Starts with a Passion for Delivering Exceptional Service and Administrative Support

At Associated Asset Management (AAM), we believe that homeowners and Boards deserve more than what they have come to expect is the “norm” from other HOA management companies. Professional community association management starts with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and administrative support, which is why AAM is truly a different kind of management company.

“At AAM, we approach community management differently,” said President Amanda Shaw. “We believe that homeowners should expect more, even demand more from their HOA’s, so we focus our efforts to making the total experience of living in one of our communities genuinely positive.”

When partnering with AAM, we want to ensure our homeowners and Board Members are aware that their dedicated Community Manager is there to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and community stewardship. Who you may not be aware of, are the teams working behind the scenes that help tremendously to make it all possible. Our centralized administrative and customer service support teams are highly trained to handle a myriad of community issues, which allows for the Community Managers to focus their efforts on the strategic management and care of your communities.

AAM has a total of 24 customer service and administrative support staff members dedicated to serving the needs of our homeowners and Boards. They work diligently to create a one stop shop for general questions and account information while also adhering to AAM’s communication policy that requires resident phone calls and emails to be returned within 24-48 hours. Daily, one team member is designated to returning voicemails and emails as they come in, while the rest of the support staff is answering live calls. This swift response time helps alleviate misunderstandings and minimizes the number of complaints, which in turn greatly enhances our homeowner’s overall experience.

Each resident is also given AAM’s emergency after-hours phone number in case matters arise after normal business hours. This number is staffed 24/7 by an actual AAM employee specifically trained in handling homeowner emergencies, not a third party answering service. All customer care and emergency staff employees are well versed with enough information to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding your community. As clients of AAM, our homeowners can expect that their issues will be handled promptly and effectively.

“We operate under the philosophy that performance is not gauged by the quantity of calls taken each day, but rather the quality of service given to our clients,” stated Vice President of Customer Service Vicki Sears. “We actively follow up and follow through with each request until a final resolution is reached. It truly is gratifying to assist our homeowners with their concerns and knowing we are here to help make their HOA experience a positive one.”