Community Organizing: Why HOAs Require Architectural Approvals

A positive appearance can be attributed to high architectural standards.  Homeowners must remember this fact when they submit their future architectural requests.  If the management company and board properly communicate the reasons for the architectural review, as well as the approval process, members are more likely to conform to requirements.

By maintaining high standards within the community, the HOA protects every member’s investment equally.  For example, no member’s home value is negatively affected by a neighbor’s pink house.  Or, a member’s view isn’t obliterated because a neighbor built a two-story workshop.

Architectural approvals preserve standards.  And standards protect property values.  They keep the HOA’s appearance uniform and aesthetically pleasing – which is why the current residents bought their homes in the community in the first place!  And, what will draw future homebuyers to the community for years to come.