Common Concerns & Meetings

There are many challenges to face when being a leader of any type. When it comes to community management, Board Members may be confronted with multiple concerns from their neighborhood...

What to Look for in a Phoenix HOA Management Company

When selecting a Phoenix HOA management company, you should consider five important attributes:

Homeowner Resources - Get Involved

Homeowner resources in HOAs should help neighbors get to know each other.  Neighbors represent one of the most basic social circles in today’s society.  Plus, they can provide assistance to each other when needed.

Community Organizing: Neighborhood Committees and How They Can Help Your Community!

Successful community organizing requires that HOAs create only committees that are needed.  Basically, these necessary committees include two types:  standing and ad hoc.

Community Services: Homeowner Participation is the Key to Success

Homeowner associations (HOAs) provide a wide range of community services to their members.  But the success of those services often depends on member participation.