Community Services: Homeowner Participation is the Key to Success

HOAs consist of neighbors participating together to protect, preserve and enhance community assets, property values and quality of life.  Each HOA member must know their responsibilities and be willing to expand their roles for the community to be as strong as possible.

I view homeowner participation levels increasing as follows:

  • The most basic responsibility for every HOA member is to understand and comply with the governing documents.

  • Once you’re a rule abiding member, your role should expand to becoming a voting member.  Although not required, each HOA member should participate in the annual meeting and Board of Directors election.

  • The next level of participation involves attending the Board of Directors meetings.  By doing so, you become more aware of what’s going on within the HOA and the business issues facing the Board.

  • Finally, a truly active HOA member serves on committees or volunteers for the Board of Directors.  When more members participate at this level, HOAs build stronger neighborhoods.

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